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Read an excerpt of the new book, Beyond Powerful Radio - here: "There are No Boring Stories, only BORING storytellers!

 "The Powerful Radio books are to radio as the "JOY OF COOKING" is for those who cook!" 

"Creating Powerful Radio is the best book you’ll read about effective communication -  no matter what business you are in."   - Erin Davis, Air Personality, CHFI, Toronto.          See more comments below:         

"This is the book I wish someone had given me..."
   -David G. Hall
Former Program Director, KABC, Los Angeles

“I just sent copies (of "Beyond Powerful Radio")

to all of our PD's across the Country!

Another great book  Val...thank-you!”

- Dave Farough, VP Brands & Programming,

Corus Entertainment, Inc. 


"Time to read and re-read another [Beyond Powerful Radio

book. I love what [Geller] has to say."
- Chris Little

News Director, KFI, Los Angeles

"I sent the link to your new book to the full company
and told them it was a must read within the Three Eagles Communications Nation!!!"

- Gary Buchanan
President & COO Three Eagles Communications




Beyond Powerful Radio 
Part I - Valerie Geller Talks with Mark Ramsey.
In part one of this two-part conversation:
  • How do you create powerful radio via compelling personality?
  • How do you avoid being boring?
  • What are listeners really interested in?
  • What are the most common mistakes the talent makes?
  • What’s the first thing an on-air talent should do to improve?
Part II - Valerie Geller  talks with Mark Ramsey

"Filled with the essential tricks of the
trade that take an entire career to learn."
   -Lee Harris
1010 WINS/ New York

"My copy keeps getting stolen off my desk."
   - Cathy Hughes
CEO Radio One

"Now I've got the help I need to find and develop hit talent."
   -David Gleason
Vice President of Programming
Univision Radio

         For Managers, Programmers & Talent

- Increase your ratings! Work with LifeStage Demographics: Know your audience and how they listen.

 * PROGRAMMING - Build exciting programming - even on dull news days - with proven techniques to guide programmers and talent to the next level of performance.

 * NEWS - Write & deliver powerful news. Learn multiple version techniques and much more. 

 * PERSONALITY - Identify winning talent. Develop strong air personalities. Learn to
manage high ego talent and motivate your staff to do their best.

 * TALK - Secrets to improve your show. Learn powerful radio interview techniques and ways to make the talk win big.

 * INFORMATION - Break down the walls between news and entertainment radio. Creative methods to easily write and deliver complex, detailed stories or issues using the multi-version method.

 * PROMOTIONS - Learn methods to spread the word about your station and write powerful copy for more effective promos and commercials.

 * AIRCHECKING - A comprehensive step-by-step guide to show prep and effective airchecking.

What people are saying about Valerie Geller's          CREATING POWERFUL RADIO

"A tremendous work!"
   - Scott Shannon
Program Director/Air Personality
WPLJ, New York

"This is the book I hope my competitors don't read. It's required reading for my staff."
   - Jerry Bell
Managing News Editor,
KOA/KTLK, Denver

"Before her, I was silent."
 - James Valentine
Air Personality, ABC, 702, Sydney 

"I keep a copy in my office at all times!"   
 - Laurie Cantillo
Program Director
WABC Radio, New York, NY

"I love this book and have both recommended and purchased it for a number of people - and will continue to do so."
     - Corny Koehl
Executive Producer
Oprah Radio - Harpo Productions, Chicago, IL

"... A goldmine of useful tips and strategies. I learned more about the radio business reading Geller's book than I did in nearly 30 years being in the business."
      - Thomas Schnurmacher
Talk Show Personality - CJAD, Montreal, Quebec
"Every time I attend one of [Valerie Geller's] sessions I'm totally jumpstarted!"
     - Jim Bohannon
The Jim Bohannon Show
Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host -
Westwood One Radio

"If you want to understand what makes radio work, read this, then read it again."
- Jon Faine
Air Personality
774 ABC Radio
Melbourne, Australia

"I read it almost straight-through. What a fantastic book, a triumph.  A cornucopia of wisdom for anyone who works in radio."
  -Carol Archer
Former Smooth Jazz Editor
Radio & Records

"Got all your books - THE definitive guide to being the best air talent..."
     -John 'Rosie' Rose
BBC Essex, Saint FM, UK

"It should be a textbook."
- Chris Berry 
ESPN Radio, Los Angeles

"We don’t recommend many books on radio, but Valerie [Geller] knows what she’s talking (and writing) about. ... make every minute count...there's something in this book for everyone, especially your producer!"
     - Gary Bryan
Air Personality K-EARTH 101/Los Angeles  

"If you want to achieve compelling radio and increase audiences, read this book immediately! In London LBC  experienced massive growth when using its methods."
   -Scott Solder
Author, Consultant and former Programme Controller 97.3 FM
LBC Radio, London, Director - You Need This ltd.

"This book helped me create Britain's most successful local radio station, with a 40 percent market share and number one in the UK. Buy it. It works!"
   - Keri Jones,
CEO/Radio Pembrokeshire
Wales, UK

"...Explains techniques for the beginner all the way up to the most seasoned pro. It is a way to think about radio as a larger medium, how to use the airwaves as a canvas, as an art.  I highly recommend this and all of Valerie Geller's books to anyone interested in radio broadcasting. These books should be in every broadcast school and radio station. We all need reminding of how to create powerful radio."    - Rusty Humphries -Syndicated Talk Show Host 

"Making it in broadcasting takes more than just luck.  Creating Powerful Radio is your 'Road Guide' to success in radio."  - Andy Vierra
Program Director
KNUU, Las Vegas

"This book will help your show get better."
- Al Rantel
Former Talk Personality
KABC, Los Angeles, and WIOD, Miami

"Everybody in this business should read this book once every year!"  
      - Marie Sandgren
Morning Show Producer- Reporter
Sveriges Radio Kristianstad
Kristianstad, Sweden


- Paul Fisher,
Broadcast Executive, formerly with Rogers Radio
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Valerie Geller's first book was a triumph. It has proved to be an excellent primer for my staff. Valerie is an inspiration. If you can't get her for your station, buy this book."
     - John Ryan
Managing Director
BBC Radio Manchester   

"The real things that make radio the special and deeply personal medium are simple: emotion, intimacy and telling a story.  In the end we are not much different from cave dwellers of thousands of years ago who were enthralled by one man's ability to tell a story.  All that changes are the outfits, but basically we respond the way the cave men did...[Valerie Geller is] a person who really gets it.  These writings are an instruction manual on how to create compelling radio, step-by-step"
     - Nick Michaels
Nick Michaels Productions

 "I purchased a copy for each of our clients."

- Jaye Albright
Albright & O'Malley
Country Consulting/Radio IQ 

"This should be required reading in every newsroom and every radio station."
     - Radio World

There’s a dog eared copy of “Creating Powerful Radio” on my desk in the newsroom, and one at home. [This book] contains an arsenal of proven techniques to help you make every day, an “A” day, on the air. A highly readable manual that ploughs through road blocks that get in the way of great radio."               
     - John Brenner
Managing Editor CFRA
News/Talk Radio
Ottawa, Canada   

    - If you would like to read an excerpt from Creating Powerful Radio




Kevin Peterson's R&R Interview
with Valerie

RTNDA COMMUNICATOR excerpt: "Overcome the blah, blah, blah: Solutions for the dull news day."

  Interview with Valerie Geller in the Philippine Star, August 2007

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Other available books by Valerie Geller:

The Powerful Radio Workbook: The Prep, Performance & Post Production Planning


   The Powerful Radio Workbook


"I tell everyone who approaches me for a job...I won't even consider them for an opening unless they can be ready to recite chapter and verse of "Creating Powerful Radio" and know stuff from the "Powerful Radio Workbook."
     - John McMullen
Director of News, Talk and Sports Programming
Morris Desert Radio Group,Palm Springs, California 

"I am contacting you to ask permission to recommend your book Creating Powerful Radio in one of my training courses on P1 Selling. It's a book that every on air personality should read."                           
     - Katey McGuckin-Woolam                    
P1 Selling, LLC - 
 "Wow……….absolutely love your book.  Thank you. This is such a powerful book, only sorry that I did not find it until recently.  Have been on the air for the past year and half, and feel like I am only now getting the lowdown.  It is like you are speaking directly to me on all points………..I could not be happier."
 - Chris Story, Host -  Radio Realty
Just finished reading "Creating Powerful Radio."  A big THANK YOU for putting all this stuff in one place!  I’m going to buy another copy so I have one at home and one at work.
     - Francis Rose
"In Depth with Francis Rose"
1 to 3 PM weekdays on Federal News Radio 1500AM

"Even as a public affairs officer, I refer to your book and am grateful for the training you provided."

- Ronald Alan Reeves , Public Affairs Specialist - Iraq -US Army Corps of Engineers

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Hungarian edition: Creating Powerful Radio is available in a Hungarian language edition:

1.   Creating Powerful Radio          
2.   Finding & Developing Talent   
3.   Generators & Reactors          
4.   Performance & Formatics
5.   Morning Shows
6.   From Rock to Talk
7.   Talk Shows
8.   Integrating News & Talk
9.   Interviews
10.  Show Prep
11.  Producers 
12.  Call Screening 
13.  High Ego Talent
14.  News
15.  Traffic & Weather Together
16.  Newswriting
17.  News - Anchoring 
18.  Multi-version News
19.  News - Integrating Radio & TV
20.  Public Service Announcements
21.  Avoiding Burnout
22.  Airchecking
23.  Promotion
24.  Sales & Commercials
25.  LifeStage Demographics
26.  Research
27.  Final Notes 


DO YOU TEACH a broadcasting class or a radio course?  If you'd like to learn more about using Creating Powerful Radio as a potential text for your classes,  click here

Note:  See a sample page of the complete and full instructor's manual, by Melissa McConnell Wilson with contributions from Prof. Linwood Hagin. The Instructor Manual will be provided upon request from FOCAL PRESS if you are using Creating Powerful Radio for your class curriculum.

Valerie Geller is an internationally acclaimed broadcast consultant working with stations that emphasize news, talk, information and personality radio.  



Valerie Geller's
Principles of Creating Powerful Radio:

  1.  Speak visually, in terms a listener can"picture."
  2.  Start with, your best material.
  3.  Tell the truth.
  4.  Never be boring.
  5.  Listen to your station. 
  6.  Make it matter.
  7.   Always address the individual, use "You."
       - Talk to ONE listener at a time! 
  8.  Do engaging transitions & handoffs.
  9.  Promote, brag about your stuff.
 10.  Brag about other people's stuff
 11.  Be who you are on the radio.
 12.  Take risks. Dare to be great!

"Creating Powerful Radio is a fine guide for people inside the radio biz and an explanation of that biz to people outside, including the people who would like to get in. It's the kind of book where the reader thinks, 'Oh that's why they do that.' "
- David Hinckley
New York Daily News

"Creating Powerful Radio might eventually make an executive's job at a satellite formatted affiliate much tougher."
- Professor Peter Hunn
Communications Studies Department
State University of New York, Oswego

"It's great. Read it!"
   - Kim Komando
Syndicated Air Personality


"I recommend it to everyone and I use it in my classes. I love this book."
   - Jo Maeder (The Rock 'N Roll Madame)
Air personality/ Instructor
New York University

"Packed with insights, well written, and fun to read. It's obvious why so many radio people consider this book 'a must!' "
   - John Sawatsky
Professor of Journalism
Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada

   - Phil Taylor
BBC, Scotland

"Creating Powerful Radio contains valuable tips and information for presenters, managers, and programmers."
   - Julia Sullivan,
Music & Media

"Useful and practical."
- Jan Orskov
Danmarks Radio, Denmark

"Valerie, thank you tor your lecture at NPOX in Holland. I have immediatelly bought your book and it's great!"
- Christian Groeneveld -
Founder/Stationmanager - MeerRadio & MeerTelevisie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"It's my bible!"
- Asa Paborn
Program Director,
SBS Radio, Stockholm, Sweden

"We gave copies to the entire staff."
- Viktor Worms
Antenne Bayern
Munich, Germany

"Anyone even considering a career in radio should read this!"
    - Adele Scheele PhD.
"Skills for Success"    

"Valerie´s work takes radio from black and white to color."
- Ana Cristina Lopes
MEGA-FM, RFM & Radio Renascenca, Lisbon, Portugal

"The Powerful Radio Methods have transformed what we do on air."
- Nicci Holliday
BBC Local Radio Manager 


"If you are involved in talk and personality radio, this book is indispensable. [Valerie Geller] breaks down the walls between news and entertainment radio. Even on slow news days, she gives pointers on how to create powerful news. The chapter on how to handle difficult personalities is a must-read in this highly volatile atmosphere of how far to go and where is the line of acceptable content."
   -Don Barrett


"A powerful insight into the art and craft of successful radio.
It all makes perfect sense. And it works!
Valerie Geller is my radio guru and this is The Word!"
    - Angela Catterns
ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia


"[Geller's books] helped me hone skills I’ve acquired over 20 years in broadcasting. Creating Powerful Radio is the best book you’ll read about effective communication no matter what business you are in."                                          -
Erin Davis Morning Drive Personality, CHFI 98.1 FM  Toronto,  Canada

"I wish I had this book when I started as a broadcaster. It should be on every teacher's booklist!"                            -Hanne Vennemo
Executive Producer/Project Manager
NRK Radio & TV - Oslo, Norway

"It's wonderful ... packed with loads of insight and direction about how to create great radio. [Geller's] new insight into Generators and Reactors is powerful stuff ... making it easier to create great on-air chemistry."
   -John Parikhal
President, Joint Communications Corp.

"I keep "Creating Powerful Radio" in my car and take it with me when I'm stopping for coffee or a meal during the day. The chapter on Formatics is spot on.  I wish it had been around when I began. It transcends formats and would be useful to every single PD and talent in the world.  It's fundamental.                                                                       - Barbara Blake
Air Personality KTWV-FM Los Angeles, CA

"Glad to say that I just bought a new copy of "Creating Powerful Radio" for my new Jingle Sales guy... If he reads it all I won't have to explain him too much about radio & how radio programmers (should) think!"                            -Hans Everling,                                                      SOB Audio Imaging &, The Netherlands
Do you know about the Creating Powerful Radio 
Written by Melissa McConnell-Wilson and
Dr. Linwood Hagin, The Instructor Manual
serves as a companion guide to Valerie Geller's Creating Powerful Radio books.
This guide can be used by broadcast trainers, programmers, news directors and managers to help train on air staff in addition to being part of the academic course study.
If you teach a course in broadcasting, and are using Creating Powerful Radio as a text, contact Focal Press for a PDF download copy of the manual at
But this book is available for broadcast trainers and managers as well. Copies are available. You can purchase a copy of the
Creating Powerful Radio INSTRUCTOR MANUAL
to help teach your staff. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by Geller Media International.

Geller Media International
Geller Media International president, broadcast consultant, and talent trainer, Valerie Geller has updated this book with a NEW name and new chapters added, and of course an instructor manual! It's called "BEYOND POWERFUL RADIO - A COMMUNICATOR'S HANDBOOK FOR THE INTERNET AGE" from Focal Press/ 2011.  This is Geller's fourth book, her third, "Creating Powerful Radio - Getting, Keeping & Growing Audiences" is now in a fourth printing from Focal Press.